1. Capture a Child’s Wonder


Childhood is one of the few times in our lives where magic exists, and one of the most magical times is Christmas. We set out milk and cookies for Santa and can hardly fall asleep knowing that he will be coming down the chimney with presents! Take a picture that captures the wonder your child has for the holiday season and help them remember how magical this time of year was for them.

  1. Have Fun Taking Them!


The great thing about holiday portraits is that they have endless possibilities for fun! Include your pet or wear a silly outfit, but most importantly, have fun creating a lasting holiday memory with your loved ones. These portraits can make perfect gifts that let your friends and family have a little reminder of your personality that they love and of your family.


  1. Create Memories of your Baby’s First Holiday!


One of the best parts about gathering family together for the holidays is telling stories and sharing memories with each other. What better way to do this than with baby pictures! Your family will love passing around photos of the children’s first holiday and reliving old memories.


  1. Make it a Tradition


Family traditions are a fun way of staying close with the people you love. Make a holiday portrait one of those traditions. Photos are a tangible way to see your kids, parents, and spouses grow and develop through the years. Your kids may enjoy the tradition and continue it with their own families.