There’s a certain rush that comes along with lining up the perfect shot, hearing the satisfying click of the shutter, and later seeing the image come to life either digitally or in print. It’s this surge of satisfaction which entices so many people to pick up a camera and venture into the world to capture the things that they find beautiful, interesting, and worthwhile.

But, while we fully understand and share the passion that accompanies photography, there is a distinction between those who pursue it as a hobby and those who pursue it as a way to make a living. Photography is for everyone, and everyone should be able to enjoy it. But as a consumer and client, it is important to understand what exactly it is that sets professional photographers apart from hobbyists.


A camera, laptop, plant, pen, and glasses

1. Training

Professional photographers undergo extensive training in order to ensure that they can deliver you with the best product possible. Not only have many professionals attended school for photography, but they continue their education throughout their entire career. Along with scheduling shoots, most professional photographers are also constantly attending seminars, guild meetings, conferences, workshops, and classes so they can continue to hone and improve their skills for you, the client.

Training allows us to keep up with current trends in photography so that we can provide you with cutting-edge images that appear fresh and contemporary. We also are constantly educating ourselves on the newest advances in photography equipment and technology so that we can truly be masters of the tools of our trade.

If you’re debating over whether to hire a hobbyist or a professional to capture your memories, remember that professionals are constantly putting in the time and energy to train themselves so that they may better serve you.


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2. Business Understanding

Professional photographers use their art as a way to make a living, which means that they need to understand not only everything about photography, but everything about running a business as well. As a client, this means that, when you choose to work with a professional, you are working with someone who has an advanced understanding of customer service. Professionals know how to walk you through the entire process – from your first phone call to the moment your images are in your hands – because we’ve been through it so many times and have perfected it. Each individual photographer has honed their operation to the point where the only thing the customer has to worry about it relaxing and enjoying the process.

When you hire an expert, you can feel comfortable in the fact that you will be dealing with someone who is dedicated not only to providing you with beautiful images, but to providing them to you in a way that is professional, trustworthy, and enjoyable.


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3. Commitment to the Customer

When you’re running an actual business, your top priority is always the customer. While many hobbyists are certainly skilled photographers, it is important to take into account that, because they are not relying on their trade as their sole source of income, the satisfaction of the customer can potentially take a backseat to other priorities or events occurring in their lives.

Professional photographers know that the client is truly the most important aspect of our business. Everything we do is centered around providing you with extraordinary images through a process that is enjoyable and tailored to you. When you work with a professional, you can be confident in the knowledge that you, your satisfaction, and your images will always be their top priority.