For many, the most difficult part of taking family portraits isn’t deciding on a photographer, scheduling a shoot, or determining where they’re going to hang their new images. For many families, the most stressful part of getting ready for a session is deciding what everyone in the group will wear.

There are many questions to take into account when creating your family’s outfits. What season is it? Are you going for a theme? Do you want the colors in your outfits to match the colors in the room the images will be displayed in? Should the children match? Should the whole family match? What color schemes suit and flatter everyone in the group?

Stressful as it may be, deciding on outfits for your family gives you the opportunity to set the tone for your images. It also allows you to ensure that everyone in your family is wearing something that they feel comfortable in and that they feel expresses who they are.

To help you in crafting outfits for your family session, scroll down to find a list of our most useful tips on everything from designing the wardrobe to applying photogenic makeup. Remember, comfort is key. If you’re wearing something that you don’t feel comfortable or confident in, it will show in your images. This holds especially true for young children – dressing them in something they like and feel at ease in will make the session run more smoothly.

What questions or tips do you have on designing a wardrobe for a family photo session? Let us know in the comments!

Inforgraphic outlining what to wear for family sessions