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What Does It Mean to “Show up Branded”?

January 29, 2017 Photography

One of the most recognizable aspects of your brand is the colors that you choose to represent you and your business….

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Questions to Ask When Creating Your Personal Brand

January 26, 2017 Photography

Your business is as unique as you are. Because of this, when it comes to developing a personal and business brand,…

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Refreshing Your Personal Brand

January 15, 2017 Photography

Your personal brand is what will convince your customers that they are working with an actual person. It’s the tool you…

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Personal Branding is an Investment Worth Making

January 5, 2017 Photography

Close your eyes and think about your business. What do you see? Customers streaming through the door? Productive meetings with clients?…

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Psychology Can Help You Choose Your Brand Colors

January 1, 2017 Personal Branding, Photography

Without us even consciously realizing it, colors impact the way that we think and feel at any given time. When it…

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