If you’ve ever been to a business event, you know how much information can get shoved into a short amount of time. By the end, when the event is over, you may have learned a lot, but some of it may have been rushed through or forgotten in the attempt to squeeze everything in.

Attending events is an investment in your brand, your business, and yourself. You should walk away feeling motivated and like you’ve experienced growth, not exhausted.

That’s why we designed our branding and networking event differently. First Impressions for the FEMpreneur is a unique event that is set up in two parts:

Image of people standing together.

Part 1: Meet the Experts

On February 13th, you get the chance to meet the experts. We’ll have specialists in marketing, networking, and personal branding to answer all of your questions, give you personalized advice, and leave you with proven strategies to understand, grow, and love your brand and business.

Three part image with a photographer, makeup brushes, and a hairdryer being used on someone's hair

Part 2: Your Full Branding Experience

After you’ve had a chance to talk with the experts, join us again on February 27th for a full branding experience. We have master artists in hair, makeup, and fashion that will help you perfect your look before you sit down with a master photographer to take your professionally branded headshots.

We’re giving you a full two-part experience to ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to learn from experts, make new connections, and customize your brand and headshots to ensure you’re consistently leaving the best first impression possible.

Want to learn more about the event and available registration packages? Visit https://turpenoff.com/first-impressions today! Spots are filling up quickly, so hurry! We look forward to seeing you for your full branding experience in February!