We write a lot on how to improve your blog. As a business and brand owner, blogs create unique opportunities for you to communicate and connect with your customers. By providing information, perspective, and entertainment, your blog can be a powerful tool to highlight your brand.

We’ve talked a little bit in previous posts about how to go about establishing a blog and performing the initial setup. We know, however, that designing and setting up a blog is only the first step. From drafting your introductory post to creating a schedule of articles, there is always much work to be done when it comes to maintaining a blog.

Even those who have been updating a blog consistently for some time still search for ways to improve. Professional blogger Tahlia Maynard began wondering what steps she could take to elevate her blog to the next level. She reached out to multiple bloggers in the “blogosphere industry” to ask their advice on what they have found most helpful in building their personal brand through the sites they run.

The tips Maynard gathered were generated by writers who use their blog as a way to generate income, preserve personal memories and stories, or offer tips, tutorials, or reviews. However, almost all of the advice presented holds true for professional or business blogs.

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