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You may ask yourself, “Why choose Turpenoff Photography over any other photographer?”

It’s simple. You live by the beat of your own drum. You think outside the box. You choose the road less traveled.

These are not just clichés to live by, they are the rhythms of my studio. My work celebrates the non-conformist.

You are unique. Your experiences – your joys, sorrows, and milestones – are all part of what make you different. You have a personal journey, and it is the backdrop of who you are today.

I’m Tricia Turpenoff and it’s my job – my purpose – my passion – to capture the unique in you. Each and every one of us has a story to tell. Maybe yours includes the laughter that runs through your family. Maybe it’s the deep connection you feel with your fiancé. It could be the victory you feel after overcoming a life-threatening disease, or the cherished moment of feeling your baby kick in your blossoming belly.

Whatever your story is, it is completely your own. And it is the uniqueness of that story that I love to capture with my camera. It is my gift to bring your true essence out and show just how gorgeous your inner beauty really is. And though I’m always after a quality result, I also love the process. My natural gift is connecting with my clients, making them feel not only comfortable, but like themselves.

At Turpenoff Photography, you won’t find any stiff poses that only give way to relaxation once the camera is lowered. I bring out the heart of who you are with my art. I move beyond the surface of “smile!” to create situations during which you and your loved ones can feel comfortable, relaxed and, well…at home.

So come. Be yourself. Bring your loved ones. And, most importantly, relax.

Our Personal Equine Photography and Portraits starts at $700, Branding/Head shots $350 and Wedding Collections at $4500

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